Contract Manufacturing

Ridley Science Pvt. Ltd. is an active company operational in the field of contract manufacturing. As an autonomous and independent pharmaceutical formulation company, Ridley Life Science Pvt. Ltd. offers versatile and boundless terms of trade. The products are GMP quality assured and guarantee the best and most optimum performance. Both the modern and automated production process has been prepared with the help of latest equipments. We offer not just an array of services that cover all the needs of our customers but also provide prompt and reliable assistance. Every client of Ridley Life Science Pvt. Ltd. is given unbiased and personal attention every step of the way.

The products that we offer are of the finest quality and despite that, they are made available to everyone at affordable prices. The credit of providing finest quality goods at cheap prices goes solely to production line and cGMP standards. Our business associates that are spread all over India have utmost faith in our products as they are well acquainted with our work ethics and know that the quality of our product is of the highest standard. We provide the most ideal environment for outsourcing or contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. We make this possible as we are well equipped with large scale production capacities, highly qualified production, quality control staff, and cGMP certified manufacturing facility. We are the first preference of our clients as we focus primarily on maximizing the cost efficiency and delivering solutions for improvised ASP, market share and accelerated potential growth. Our approach towards a perfect amalgamation of quality and quantity is what our clients find so impressive.

Our Reputed Clients

Ridley Life Science Pvt. Ltd has enjoyed and maintained a healthy contractual relationships with more than 70+ reputed clients like Emami Frankross, Universal Healthcare, Lucid Pharmaceuticals, Wens Formulation, World Health Partners, Raheel Pharmaceuticals, PCI, Nugen Pharma, Troikaa, Gmbell Healthcare, Menarini India, Deegan Remedies, Spey Healthcare, Evolet Healthcare, Ashley Pharmatech, Caventis, HD Pharmachem , Morewell, Thurs Pharma and many more. The list is ever expanding as all our associates are equally benefited with the earned profits. Since Ridley Life Science Pvt. Ltd is a privately owned and fully independent pharmaceutical formulation company, it offers versatile terms of trade and gives personal attention to the requirements of each customer.

Laden with the best equipments and method of production which incorporates our large-scale production capacities, highly qualified production, and quality control staff, state of art cGMP certified manufacturing facility, we provide the perfect environment for outsourcing or contract manufacturing pharmaceutical products.

Kindly get in touch to tell us about your requirements and permit us to acquaint you with our best rates. We also offer our products on third party basis and under neutral label for export. For your satisfaction, you can come and have a look at our plant and the way we function.